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Ramgo International Corporation

Ramgo International Corporation was established in 1966 by the late Ramon A. Ong who during that time noticed that our Filipino farmers always look for a reliable source of high quality seeds at the most economical price. Ramgo has since taken the challenge of the varying trends in the seed industry particularly the introduction of Hybrid vegetable varieties.Ramgo continues its task of providing the world’s best seeds and has an ongoing research program to screen and test newer and better vegetable varieties to enable our Filipino grower and make his produce compete in the global market. It has various trial areas all over the Philippines in collaboration with prestigious state universities. This concept behind the collaboration is to test the vegetable varieties in the environment where it is best suited. Ramgo’s technical staff consists of fresh and brilliant agriculturists and are deployed all over the country to disseminate new techniques in the field of horticulture through farmer meetings and demonstration areas. Our mission is to constantly bring the world’s best high quality seeds to the farmers and render as much service as possible for the betterment of the Filipino farmers.

Agri Tours

All about upcoming and news updates on company or group facilitated local travels and workshop activities.

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Agri Travels

All about the interesting ideas we have picked up from farming practices, new technology and travel destinations outside the Philippines. Learn more ideas from the different agri-projects and research news from around the world.

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All about newly introduced machineries, research results and technical know how's available in the local and international agriculture scene.

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All about the local and international horticulture scene, upcoming events and features on new and old favorite ornamental plants.

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The  Dioko Ecotourism Park  in Brgy. San Joaquin, San Pablo City in Laguna, is a most educational tourist destination. There, visitors will learn practical techniques in natural farming that are very environment-friendly.

Vegetables are grown organically in greenhouses as well as in the open fields between exotic fruit trees. It is a learning center for those who want to learn mushroom growing, vermiculture, hydroponics, lowland strawberry culture and many more.

It is accredited by the Department of  Tourism as an agritourism destination, and by the Department of Agriculture as a Learning Center.


Agri News

All about useful farming ideas, opportunities, interesting agri-people, agri destinations, crops and livestock, doable money-making projects, research results, agri events and many more.

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Agri Ideas

All about innovative practices that can make your own business more efficient and profitable. Agri ideas include new and little known ideas.

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All about successful people sharing their practical techniques in their farm projects.. Learn about new and innovative products introduced in the market and pick up ideas useful for your own agri projects.

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Agri People

Meet interesting people and experts in the local and international agri scene. Learn informative excerpts from their success as well as failures which we feel are important lessons for farmers.

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Welcome to Right Agri

RIGHT AGRI was conceptualized as a Development Corporation by five individuals during the early months of 2014 with the aim of promoting objectives that support the attainment of Philippine rice sufficiency through mechanized rice production and as an advocate in promoting  RA 8435 of 1997, otherwise known as the Agriculture and Fisheries Modernization Act (AFMA),  an Act that prescribes the need to modernize agriculture in the country. SERVICES INCLUDE: Dry land preparation (Rotavator and Plowing) Provision of seedlings raised in plastic trays Mechanical transplanting Harvesting Drying and Milling Farm development, land consolidation and leveling Technical skills training, assistance on complete farm mechanization Crop production loan Crop insurance Distribution of hybrid palay and corn seeds

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Agrichexers Corporation

Agrichexers Corporation with sales & plant facilities located in San Gabriel, Sta. Maria, Bulacan had been in the manufacturing and selling of animal feeds in the last twelve (12) years. The company incorporated in October 2002. Started its operation in January 2003 evolving its operation from rented facility to Agrichexers Corporation has its own computerized feed mill and warehouse facility. Backed-up by 30 years of experience in the field of feed milling gained from local and international companies, the incorporators shared their expertise to their customers to be the cheapest cost of animal production.

Yamang Bukid

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Welcome To East-West Seed Company, Philippines

East-West Seed Company distributes high-quality vegetable seeds in about 60 countries worldwide.


Makers of DURABLOOM Bio-Organic fertilizer that is made from 100% processed chicken manure combined with selected fungal cultures and enzymes specific for digestion. It also speeds up composting of farm waste.

Sarian Farm

Find instructions on how to get there, and learn the different exotic fruit trees we are growing in the farm and fertilizers we carry and sell.

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PowerGrower Combo

Our extensive use of power grower combo and Heavy Weight Tandem in the farm is a reason for us to recommend this product. Get to know how to apply on different kind of crops and how to acquire this product.

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Aztec Spirulina

Aztec Foodgrowers Corporation is the pioneering Filipino company in the Philippines to engage in the production, development, promotion and distribution of pure high grade Spirulina (Arthrospira Platensis). As a certified producer and supplier of Spirulina, our company can offer Spirulina in a variety of forms, for many uses, in different kinds of appealing negotiable deals.

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Allied Botanical Corporation

Allied Botanical Corporation is the leading supplier, producer and breeder of vegetable seeds in the Philippines. With a solid program for localized breeding, the company prides itself with its rigid selection and breeding for tropical vegetables.

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Farm-Ready GG Seedling Corporation

East-West Seed is the market leader for tropical vegetable seeds in Asia and expanding rapidly in Africa and Latin America. The privately-owned company has played an important role in the development and improvement of tropical vegetable varieties in Southeast Asia and other tropical countries. When Dutch seedsman Simon Groot and Filipino seed trader Benito Domingo founded the company in 1982 in Lipa City, Batangas, they set out to improve the lives and incomes of smallholder farmers through high-quality seeds. East-West Seed develops vegetable varieties that are adapted to tropical markets and growing conditions and generate increased yield and productivity for farmers. In addition, the company educates farmers and helps them to maximize their yield and income through better knowledge on vegetable production.