1 KG PAPAYA SEEDS: Worth More Than P232,000!

DID YOU know that a kilo hybrid papaya seeds could be worth more or less P232,000. This we learned from attending the East-|West Seed International Field Day in Chiang Mai, Thailand three years ago. Here are the facts.

One kilo consists of 58,000 to 62,000 seeds which are retailed to farmers at P4 to P5 per seed. At P4 per seed, the 58,000 seeds would have a retail value of P232,000, and P23.2 million for 100 kilos. These are the seeds of hybrids like Sinta, Red Lady, Red Royale, and others.

Big money can really be earned if one company can develop bestsellers for particular markets. Different countries have their own preferences in terms of color of the flesh, size of fruit, shelf life and other traits.And that is the reason why seed companies are seriously conducting research to develop such varieties.

Incidentally, East-West has developed two red-fleshed varieties for the Brazil market. One is called Chara which is a semi-dwarf plant with very good fruit setting The fruit is medium to large with thick and firm flesh, small cavity, very good shape and uniformity, red orange and also very sweet. The other variety is called Vega with smaller fruit that are also excellent in quality.Brazil is said to be the biggest producer of papaya in the world. India and Africa are also big markets.

By the way, during the field day we were able to talk to Priyanka Nanayakara who manages Best Seeds in Colombo, Sri Lanka. He also distributes our Philippine Sinta papaya and in 2012 he was able to sell 20 kilos of Sinta seeds. Tmay look very minuscule but when we computed the retail value of 20 kilos in Philippine money, it came close to P5 million!

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4 thoughts on “1 KG PAPAYA SEEDS: Worth More Than P232,000!

  1. Can we sell and plant seeds of a hybrid papaya? If this can be planted and producing the same fruits, I can even sell this cheaper to farmer/s.

    1. No you don’t sell seeds of hybrid papaya because they will not come out true to type. You only sell the first generation seeds. That is why seeds are expensive.

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