100 Grams Of Maserati Shallot Seeds Yield 400 Kilos Worth P14,000

A new shallot variety that is grown from seed instead of the usual practice of planting mini-bulbs produces higher yield that commands a higher price than those produced by the traditional planting materials of mini-bulbs.

YOLANDA BAUTISTA showing big bulbs of Maserati shallot grown from seed.
The shallot, often known as โ€œLasonaโ€ in the Ilocos and Tanduyong in Nueva Ecija, is usually planted using mini-bulbs. The new variety called Maserati, on the other hand, is grown from seeds. It is being distributed by Ramgo International, one of the pioneer vegetable seed companies in the Philippines.

A lady farmer from San Jose City in Nueva Ecija reports that the Maserati is really a high yielder of good quality bulbs that are also bigger than the ordinary variety. She is Ms. Yolanda Bautista of Brgy. Kita-Kita in San Jose City. She said that a 100-gram packet of Maserati seeds yielded 400 kilos in the last growing season worth P14,000.

Close up of Maserati bulbs which are big and of good quality.

Ms. Bautista said that a similar area planted to the ordinary mini-bulbs could have yielded only half that of Maserati. Moreover, she was able to sell the Maserati bulbs for P35 per kilo, thus grossing P14,000 from her harvest from 100 grams of seeds costing P1,700. On the other hand, the price of the ordinary variety at the time she sold the Maserati bulbs was only P25 per kilo.

Ms. Bautista observed that Maserati is a vigorous plant that is also resistant to flooding. Young Maserati plants that were submerged in water for two days survived the flooding and still yielded a high yield.

Ramgo may be contacted thru Arieline Arevalo at 0906-744-6543

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