100 Percent Germination Of Chayi Seeds At The Sarian Farm

Robust Chayi seedlings at the Sarian Farm in Teresa, Rizal.

Remember the Chayi tree from Batanes which we posted in our blog earlier? We planted the seeds soon after extracting from the aril and lo and behold! in less than 10 days, all the seeds have germinated. The young seedlings are robust at the Sarian Farm in Teresa, Rizal. In a couple of months, they could be ready for transplanting.

Chayi is botanically known as Pometia pinnata which is found in Batanes in the Philippines as well as in islands in the Pacific and other Southeast Asian countries like Malaysia. It is known by various names like Matoa, Taun Tree, Island Lychee and Tava. One variety featured in the Internet has red skin and thicker aril or edible flesh.

Chayi is a fast-growing tree which is highly suitable for reforestation as well as for planting in commercial tree plantations. The tree develops straight trunk and the lumber is of high quality. The tree also provides an important food because the aril is very tasty and well liked by the Batanes people. People in other places would of course also like to eat the same.

One good source of income for the planters would be seedling production for reforestation and other large scale plantings. Enterprising people can make money by producing seedlings for sale to growers.

Chayi fruits one of them opened.
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