100 Tons Sweet Pepper per Hectare!

In the Arava desert, in the southern part of Israel, 8 settlements consisting of some 3,000 residents produce 60 percent of the vegetables exported by Israel to Europe, United States and elsewhere.
Ximena Ramirez Ayala stands at a promontory
on Arava Desert in Southern Israel. Behind her are
greenhouses as far as the eyes can see where the
farmers grow tomatoes, peppers and other high-value crops.
Among the major vegetables are sweet pepper and tomatoes. The vegetables are grown in greenhouses and are fertigated, the reason why the farmers can produce 80 to 100 tons of sweet pepper per hectare per year. 

 Photo shows Zac B. Sarian showing first class sweet pepper in the Gilad Desert Produce Packing House which ships the vegetables to the export market. Eyal Sahar, the packing house manager, says practically all the vegetables produced in the settlement where he operates pass through the facility that he manages. Everyday, they pack 60 to 70 tons of vegetables for shipment to the local and export markets.

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