Mark Laurence Mercado driving a Branson tractor with auger attached at the rear for digging holes. The tractor was bought from Fitcorea and is used for custom plowing of other people’s farms.

Mark Laurence in the tractor driver’s seat.

WOULD YOU believe that in this day and age, this 15-year-old Mark Laurence Mercado would rather drive a tractor and do some rotavating rather than tinkering with gadgets as most people his age do?

Well, he is different. That is why his father, Mark Mercado of Heavenly Farm in Zambales, is so proud of him. Mark Laurence loves to drive the family’s new Branson tractor. He can rotavate and can also dig holes for posts using the auger attached to the tractor.

Mark Laurence is now in Grade 11. When he is not in school, he is with his father in the farm that produces rice, sweet corn, cattle, vegetables and livestock.

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