1st Luzon Mango Congress: Focussed On Saving Mango Industry, Feb. 19-20, 202

The 1st Luzon Mango Congress is well supported by the private companies.

The 1st Luzon Mango Congress will be held on Feb. 19-20, 2020 at the Conference Hall of the Bureau of Soils and Water Management in Quezon City. The event is a collaboration of the mango grower groups in Luzon and the Department of Agriculture, according to Ricardo Tolentino, one of the big mango growers in Ilocos Norte.

Theme is โ€œSaving the Mango Industry.โ€ Many growers are confronted with the widespread incidence of Kurikong, a damage inflicted by the Cecid fly. Equally serious concerns are the anthracnose disease and pests like hoppers, thrips, scale insects and others.

Discussions will not only center on the control of pests and diseases but also on how to cut costs in production. The high cost of inputs like fertilizers and crop protection products are among the problems of mango growers. New products like biostimulants will also be discussed as possible input that could reduce costs.

The 1st Luzon Mango Congress is well supported by private companies like Bayer, Syngenta, Gintong Ani Trading, Philippine Mango Seedling Farm Corp.,Villar Sipag, Corvill Agricom, Agway, Tagchem, Yara, Zagro and Stolle.

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