ON TWO separate occasions, we have talked to two very successful agri entrepreneurs whom we thought did not have much problems because their businesses were doing very well. But no, they also have their own worries. One of the fellows has a lucrative business distributing various agri inputs and at the same time has his own diversified farm where he grows crops and farm animals. He is now in his early 60s and still strong. His worry is that who will manage his enterprise after he retires? His son who loves music has joined a musical band playing in entertainment circuits in Asian countries. The father could not convince him to participate in working for the enterprise.

SAME FRUSTRATION – The second successful entrepreneur has the same frustration. His son, at least, has put up his own agri project along with the existing projects of his father. The trouble, he lamented, is that the son only attends to his own project. Perhaps, the father said, his son would like to prove that he can come up with his own venture that would be truly through his own efforts. He does not bother to help in the operation of the other projects that include livestock and poultry, commercial silage production, hot chili and other vegetables, banana, aquaculture and others.

COMPETENTMANAGERS HARD TO FIND – A fellow to whom I told the worries of the two successful agripreneurs commented that they could always hire a professional manager to run their businesses. To which we responded that hiring a competent manager could be another of their frustrations! Two friends who have requested that we help them look for competent managers for their farms have miserably failed to recruit capable managers.

Yes, successful agripreneurs have their serious problems, too!

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