2 Vertical Gardening Models You Can Duplicate Or Modify

Photo shows Principal Carlos Alexander Rigon of the Golden Acres National High School standing before the Wall Gardens with various veggies and herbs that are provided with drippers to water them.

In May 2015, we took pictures of two model gardens at the Golden Acres National High School in Las Piรฑas City. They are so practical, you can easily duplicate or even modify them to suit your circumstances.

In these times of the Coronavirus crisis, Sen. Cynthia Villar, chairperson of the Senate Committee on Agriculture and Food, is urging those who are on mandatory homestays to take up home gardening.

It is an opportunity to produce oneโ€™s fresh vegetables for the home and at the same time get the much needed exercise. It is also a time to introduce to the kids the importance of agriculture that provides the food for all of us.

Carlos Alexander Rigon posing with what he calls Tower Garden consisting of plants grown on upright planters with stakes for the plants to cling on. You can see kangkong and alugbati growing together in one container.
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