BUMPER CORN HARVEST : It could have been even higher with GreenCal

Two Bayer varieties that produced bumper yields in a derby in Mindanao.

Two new corn hybrids from Bayer Crop Science topped the recent government-led corn competition in three Mindanao sites, namely Davao de Oro (Compostela Valley), Davao City and Malungon, Sarangani. The derby was undertaken by the Department of Agriculture together with the agricultural offices in the three sites.

HIGHEST IN DAVAO DE ORO – Bayerโ€™s DEKALB 8719S produced the highest yield in Compostela Valley with 14.85 MT per hectare. In Davao City, the same hybrid produced the highest yield with 14.12 MT per hectare.

Meanwhile, another Bayer hybrid, DEKALB 8899S, garnered second place in Davao City with 13.38 MT per hectare.

FARMERS ENCOURAGED – Samuel D. Ontic, DA Malungon municipal corn coordinator, said the government anticipates more farmers will be encouraged to plant corn as the new varieties offer bigger profitability. He added that the purpose of the derby was to show farmers the best corn varieties suitable in their areas.

HIGHER YIELD POSSIBLE – A technical expert of Zetryl Chem PH who read about the bumper crop produced by two corn hybrids of Bayer said that an even higher yield could have been possible with the application of GreenCal on the field for planting the corn seeds.

BETTER SOIL POROSITY – How? Well, GreenCal can improve the soil by making it more porous so that the corn plants will develop extensive root system that will absorb more nutrients and water from the soil for its fast growth and development. It will also promote the increase in microbial population that is beneficial to the corn plants. Because of the high calcium content of GreenCal, the corn plants become tough which discourages the attack of insects and diseases.

HEREโ€™S HOW IT IS DONE – Apply 4 bags of GreenCal (25 kg per bag) five days before planting the seeds. Apply another 4 bags per hectare 25 to 35 days after planting. Thatโ€™s all.

CONTACT – For the benefit of farmers east of Metro Manila, GreenCal is now available at the Sarian Farm in Teresa, Rizal. Contact Rose at 0915-002-1368 or 0906-551-1791 or 0947-590-0398.

Zetryl Chem Sales & Marketing: 0917-503-8080. Email: marketing@zetryl.com.

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