3 Watermelon Hybrids You’d Love To Plant And Eat From Known-You Phils.

Whether for your own consumption or for business, you’d love to plant the three watermelon hybrids from Known-You Philippines. Here they are:

BUFFALO, shown here with Ver Lopez, is an extra early, vigorous, high round and dark green color of fruits. Rind is thin but very tough, making the fruit a good shipper. Sugar content is around 12 to 14%. The fruit weighs between 12 and 15 kg. This variety performs even better in hot and dry seasons and adaptable to all kinds of soils.
TIFFANY hybrid watermelon shown here with a satisfied farmer grower.Tiffany is a delicate watermelon with crisp, juicy and creamy sunshine yellow flesh. Produces dark green fruits with oblong shape, brix averages 12-14% with weight ranging from 2-4 kg, depending on desired size selection. Bigger fruits mean one fruit per vine.  Plant matures in 60-65 days after transplanting.



DIANA shown here with Dexter Tayan is a unique, golden yellow-skinned oblong watermelon with a soft and juicy texture. Excellent for high class markets with brix averaging 12 to 14$ with weight ranging from 2 to 4 kg, depending on fruit selection. Plant matures in 60 to 65 days from transplanting.


These hybrid watermelons are featured in the October 2018 issue of Agriculture Magazine which will be off the press shortly. Agriculture Magazine is the most widely circulated magazine of its kind in the Philippines available in bookstores and outlets of Manila Bulletin nationwide. It is edited your blogger, Zac B. Sarian.

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