DARE TO BE DIFFERENT: Grow white ampalaya!



Rococo, the new white variety, is short and fat with pebbly skin.

LOOKING for a farm project that will keep you apart from the rest? Why not grow white ampalaya? With the right strategies, people who go against the grain, so to speak, often come out proud, fulfilled and above all, financially rewarded.

SOUPS & SALADS – In Taiwan, the white varieties are popular. These are good for making soup dishes and salads. They are sweeter than the green ones. Rococo, variety with short, apple type fruits is a new white ampalaya developed by Known-You, the No.1 seed company in Taiwan. The plant breeder is Lin Yueyen, a lady who has been working for Known-You for 44 years. 

SHORT & FAT – This white variety called Rococo is short and fat with pebbly skin. It is something very different from the usual long fruits of the green varieties.With the right promotional activities, this white variety might click in the Philippines. Who knows? A niche market could be developed which could give you untold rewards.

CONTACT AUBREY – The first thing to do is to obtain the assistance of Aubrey Ancheta of Known-You Philippines so that she can help you obtain the seeds that you can buy for planting. The next step is to conduct your own trials with the help of KYP technicians to find out its best cultural requirements.

ACT NOW – Don’t tarry. Don’t procrastinate!

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