FOR THE HOME GARDEN: Grow Malunggay in a Pail!

  IN THE URBAN area where space is limited and the soil is hard clay, you can grow your favorite malunggay in a pail or similar container. That’s what we have done in our home while locked down by Covid-19. It is practical and can save you going to market for the leaves for your ginisang mungo or some soupy dishes using the leaves.

Growing malunggay in a container has its advantages. The plant is portable and can be transferred to a safe place during inclement weather. Aside from being very fresh, you are sure that the leaves are free of toxic pollutants.

SOURCE OF FUN AND FUNDS – The simple technique can also be a source of income for those who would like to have a little sideline. Grow mallunggay in containers for sale in weekend markets or right in your home. Make a signage announcing that you have malunggay in pails in front of your house. Curious passersby or neighbors would be interested to see what you have and they could be your immediate buyers. It is possible they won’t mind paying P250 for a well-established malunggay in a pail.

Just try it for fun and for little funds. Okay, you can source your cuttings from your friends who have big trees in their yard or farm. It could be your own parents or some other relatives. Cuttings about three inches in diameter and three feet long are good materials.

WARNING: Don;t be too excited. Don’t harvest the leaves unless the malunggay has been well-established and has produced a lot of leaves. Harvesting the  leaves too early could kill the plant.

The photo above was grown by your blogger in his home where he was locked in during the pandemic crisis

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