4 Good Reasons Why Romy Cruz Chose Guava, Not Mango

Romy Cruz could harvest from his guava trees for 10 to 11 months in one year. So cash flow is well distributed throughout the year. A very important advantage.

You yave read my latest post about Romulo Cruz and his profitable combination of Guava & Goat. Sure, you have. It has gone viral since April 2, 2020. But if you haven’t seen it, God Bless you! Anyway, you might say, Cebu is famous for its sweet mangoes, why did Romy choose to plant guava?

Well, Romy had his own 4 good reasons.

Reason No.1 -Guava seedlings start flowering as early as 8 months from planting. By the second year, Romy was already harvesting fruits to sell. On the other hand, grafted mango would only give some fruits to sell after 6 to 7 years from planting. See the advantage of guava over mango?

Reason No.2 – Romy was able to plant at least 2,000 guavas in three hectares. If he had planted mango, at a distancing of 12 x 12 meters, he could have planted only 208 mango trees. See the big difference?

Reason No.3 –  In the case of mango, you have to spray flower inducer to make the trees bloom. And if rain or shower overtakes the flowers, that would be the end. No fruits will develop. In the case of guava, there is no need for flower inducers. So it is more economical.

Reason No.4 – You harvest only once from mango in one year. And if your harvest coincides with the peak harvest of other mango farmers, the price would go down to unprofitable levels. In the case of guava, Romy’s well managed trees produce fruits 10 to 11 months within a year. So income is well distributed throughout the year. 

Now, are you convinced why Romy chose guava over mango?

You have to spray flower inducer to make mango trees bloom. And if the flowers are overtaken by a shower in these times of Climate Change, that would be the end.Fungus will take over and no fruits will develop.
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3 thoughts on “4 Good Reasons Why Romy Cruz Chose Guava, Not Mango

    1. The most practical thing to do is to buy guapple fruits. Get the seeds and germinate them. It is easy to germinate guava seedlings. Use good growing medium available in plant shops.

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