DOC HAS BIG DURIAN FARM – Dr. Teddy (not his real name) is a medical doctor who is a farmer at heart with a clinic in a well known hospital in Quezon City. After graduation from college, he planted 600 durian trees in his farm in Zamboanga del Norte.

LONG DISTANCE FARMING – We met him one Saturday morning at the Agri-Kapihan Forum in the early 1990s. There, he related to me how he managed his farm while he stayed in Manila most of the time.

TREES FULLY FERTILIZED – What we admired about him most was how he made sure his trees were all fertilized adequately. How did he do that?

FERTILIZATION SKED – Well, he said he had only one 50-year-old caretaker.  As per what he read in a book, the trees should be fertilized at the onset of the rainy season and then right after harvest.

DOC WANTED TO BE SURE – He said that applying chemical fertilizer to his 600 trees could take a long time if he depended only on his caretaker. He was not also sure if the caretaker would apply the fertilizer in full. He knew that his man loved to drink, and if he wanted to cheat his boss, he could sell part of  the fertilizers for some extra money to buy his favorite gin. The doctor had heard of some other absentee farm owners who were being cheated by their laborers. That, he did not want to happen to him. So what did he do?

EVERYTHING PREPARED – Dr. Teddy could only stay for three days in the farm because of his medical practice in Manila. So, what he did was to buy all the fertilizers that would be needed for his 600 ten-year-old trees. Four kilos of complete fertilizer would be applied per tree. He also bought 10 brand new spades and 10 pails. These were to be used by the 10 laborers he hired to apply fertilizer in just one day with him overseeing the operation.

DOC HAD PEACE OF MIND – He said the 10 hired workers  easily finished fertilizing the 600 trees in one day. Each only had to fertilize 60 trees! Isn’t that a very practical and doable strategy? The doctor had complete peace of mind knowing that his trees got the fertilizer they needed. (Agri Journalist’s Memoir, Zac B. Sarian)

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