Mr. Uy has the biggest poultry farm in Mindanao with a daily egg collection of more than 600,000 eggs.
Mr. Uy eats a bowl of scrambled eggs and durian for breakfast.

DID YOU KNOW that an octogenarian in Davao City has been eating 12 eggs a day for years? Of course, he did not have any problem sourcing his daily supply. After all he owned the biggest poultry farm in Mindanao which produced 600,000 eggs a day at the time we met.

RENE URGED ME TO CALL MR. UY – When Rene Florencio, our friend who has a mango plantation in Tarlac, learned that I was going to Davao City he gave me the number of Mr. Uy and urged me to call him up because he said he was an avid reader of my articles.

I WAS INVITED FOR BREAKFAST – When I called up Mr. Uy late in the evening, he invited me for breakfast in his house the following day. His driver picked me up from my hotel.

ENJOYABLE BREAKFAST – Mr. Uy was very friendly and we had an enjoyable breakfast together. I was really surprised. He had a big bowl of scrambled eggs and durian for breakfast. I could not tell him what most people believe – that eating too many eggs is bad for the health. How could I tell him that? He had been eating a lot of eggs all these past years and here he was, at 85, still up and about. We really enjoyed our breakfast and conversations. After all, I also love to eat durian.

WIDOWER – Mr. Uy is a widower. He said that he wanted to prove that he really loved to read my articles. He brought me to his bedroom where he had a matrimonial bed and half of it was for sleeping. On the other half, he had clippings of my articles. I needed no other proof that Mr. Uy was really an avid fan.

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