84 Cows subsist on not fully-digested corn in pig manure!

Cattle like these owned by a lady farmer in Cotabato can subsist on retrieved hog manure in big pig farms.

 AT THE Marulas Piggery in Pandi, Bulacan, a total of 84 cows grow fat and healthy on hog manure which contains corn ingredients that are not fully digested. It is a very practical and profitable way to raise cattle.

CORN NOT TOTALLY DIGESTED – Actually, the manure that comes out from the pigs contains a lot of ingredients that are not totally digested, especially corn. When the pig pens are cleaned each day, the manure and unconsumed feed in the pen are washed and the washings pass through a cemented canal behind the pig pen leading to the biogas digester.

HOW THE SOLIDS ARE RETAINED – Before the washings reach the digester, however, the undigested solids are retained in a deep portion at the end of the canal. Here the workers gather the solids which are still rich in nutrients.

MIXED WITH RICE BRAN -The collected manure solids are mixed with fine rice bran. The rice bran is about 40 percent of the total mixture. Except for small quantities of grass gathered from the premises of the piggery, and a little rice straw, the cattle subsist on nothing else but the retrieved hog manure and the rice bran mixture. The animals are robust and healthy.

HIGHLY PROFITABLE – Naturally, the cattle fattening project is very profitable because the feed is cheap.

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