Agri Tip No1: A Couple’s Doable Farming Strategy

They are in their early 40s and are both working for a construction company in Manila. This early Gilbert and Anita Catudio are thinking of their retirement so they bought a small farm in Anita’s hometown of Magdalena in Laguna.
They are planting their favorite exotic fruit trees a few plants at time so that they can observe which ones will thrive well before they plant in bigger numbers.
Every Sunday when they visit their farm, they buy about five or more grafted trees from a nursery in Teresa, Rizal. Last January 22, they bought two grafted Super Red rambutan, two durian and one Abiu.
They have earlier planted latexless jackfruit, pummelo, imported makopa and others. Their strategy is very practical because they just spend a relatively small amount at a time but at regular intervals. After a few years, they could fully develop their dream farm.
When retirement will come some 20 years later, the Catudio’s farm would have been fully developed. Their fruit trees would have become very productive. It is also possible that they would have bought additional land to develop the way they did their first farm.
Gilbert, by the way is a civil engineer and master plumber. He and his wife met in the company where they work and got married in 1992. Gilbert is from Borongan, Samar while Anita is from Magdalena, Laguna.
Gilbert and Anita Catudio at the Teresa Orchard & Nursery where tasted Abiu and latexless jackfruit on their way to their farm in Magdalena, Laguna.
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