A Farm’s Real Value: Not In The Price Tag (Agri Tip 23)

When buying a piece of land for your farm project, keep in mind what you can really do with the property.

With your present cash position, is it wise to pay P1million for one hectare? Is that really worth the amount?

Remember that the real value of a property is not its price tag. It is what you can make out of the land.

It is valuable to you if you can make it productive with the resources you have at hand. You have clear ideas how you can make the land pay for itself and for your efforts.

It is a good buy if with the capital, the know-how and labor you have, you can produce something you can sell at a reasonable profit.

We remember a farm lot subdivision in Rizal. Nobody wanted the lot that was so low-lying and steep in some portions. Except Jimmy who had a specific idea in mind. He bought the property at half the price of the other farm lots. He had a bright idea in mind. Someday he could convert a portion into a pond for growing expensive aquarium fish and unusual water plants that command a high price among landscapers. He himself is a landscaper.

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