A Peep Into Winning Vegetable Garden

Joshua Maniquis of Almario Elementary School with fruiting
Pipinito at the garden in Jose Rizal Elementary School during
the Community Day on April 11, 2012.
Attendees at the Community Day at the Jose Rizal Elementary
School’s vegetable garden look at the pechay grown in discarded
tires and plastic containers from the junk shop.
The above are two of the photos taken at the Community Day at the Jose Rizal Elementary School in Tondo Manila. The Community Day is in connection with the Oh My Gulay Tanim Sa Kinabukasan (OMG-TSK) project on vegetable gardening in public elementary schools. This is a project of Sen Edgardo Angara’s Oh My Gulay Project in tandem with the East-West Seed Company.
Eight elementary schools in Tondo are participating in this project aimed at encouraging school children to love eating vegetables as well as to teach them the basics of scientific vegetable growing.
Among the vegetables grown in containers as well as in the ground are pechay, Pipinito cucumber, okra, Morena eggplant, Diamante Max tomato, Himala upo, mustard and others.
The Oh My Gulay is supported by fund donors, most of them profitable corporations or foundations like the BDO Foundation and others.
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  1. Thank you for coming Sir Zac on the event. The harvests will serve as the food basket for the feeding program of the participating schools. Looking forward to see more from your articles 🙂

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