A Plant Lover’s Lament

These are different varieties of Pothos, 
including Golden Ray, Silver Ray, 
Old Gold, Silver and Old Silver.

A Filipino National Scientist who is very much involved in the horticulture industry has a very valid lament.

He is Dr. Benito S. Vergara, a retired scientist of the International Rice Research Institute who is now very much involved in the plant business.

He usually makes a trip to Thailand where he has a lot of former students who usually guide him during his visits there.

In Thailand, he says: “You want 10,000 uniform seedlings for export or for supplying a landscaper for a semi-shaded area? Easy, ask a Thai nursery person and give him 6 months to produce as many plants as you want of pothos, syngonium and scindapsus. These plants are now tissue-cultured in Thailand and available at very reasonable price.”

Now, he asks: “When will the local nursery grower benefit from such technologies? Technicians are available but no adequate laboratory and supply of chemicals at reasonable price. I have often received answers from the government that we already have sufficient labs. Where are they? What are the rates?”

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