A Poultry Farmer’s Simple Marketing Strategy

We remember a poultry raiser in Calaca, Batangas that we interviewed many years ago who produced several thousand eggs a day. He had a simple marketing strategy that worked.

He explained that most of the bakeries in Metro Manila are owned by his townmates. So he figured that they are his best market for his eggs. And he was right. He delivered his eggs to Metro Manila two times a week, all to the bakeries of his townmates.

Collection was not a problem. What he delivered in one day would be paid the next time he delivered his eggs. That simple and it worked.

If you have another farm product, maybe you should figure out the customers who will regularly buy what you produce. Or maybe, you find out what a set of customers would need regularly. And then try to produce that commodity on a sustained basis. Institutional buyers would prefer suppliers who could deliver their requirements regularly.

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