A Practical Way To Control Coconut Scale Insect

A Practical Way To Control Coconut Scale Insect
A Practical Way To Control Coconut Scale Insect
Photo was taken a few days after the infested leaves were removed. Two months later, according to Ronald Costales, his trees have produced new leaves & are staring to produce flowers again.
It seems that the technical experts of the Department of Agriculture, the Philippine Coconut Authority and research institutions (including UP Los Baños) are at a loss on how to fight the coconut scale insect that has ravaged the trees in Batangas and has now started to invade coconut plantations in Laguna and Quezon.
We have personally seen once very healthy coconut trees in Calauan and other towns of Laguna that are being severely attacked by the pesky scale insect. 
The leaves have become yellow and the authorities seem to be at a loss on how to subdue the enemy. We have been told that some of the technical men are trying to spray chemicals while some are injected in the trunk but to no avail. Some are attempting to control the pest with biological control methods but also to no avail.
One fellow who has saved his infested trees has a very practical technique that works. He is Ronald Costales of the Costales Nature Farms in Majayjay, Laguna.
Here’s what he did. He removed all the old fronds that were infested and burned them. Then he sprayed his plants with EM or Effective Microorganisms. Now, his coconut trees, according to him, are healthy (without any scale insects) and have produced new leaves. New flowers are also emerging.

What could be done is for the whole community to do the same, bayanihan style, so that no infested trees are left as source of new infestation. The local government units (LGUs) should mobilize the whole community to take action against the scale infestation.

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