A Touching Wish From VP Binay

We just got this birthday greeting from Vice President Jejomar C. Binay. It is so touching, we would like to share it with our friends.

Dear Zac:

“My wife Ellen and I, together with our children, wish you a very happy birthday.

“This marks a time of solemn reflection for past achievements and undertakings, and a time of jubilant celebration for years well spent.

“May this occasion herald moments for you to enjoy life with your loved ones. May you also find time to start working on your other dreams. Living a full life means striving for more opportunities to grow. Let your birthday be the start of a number of prosperous and meaningful events to come.

“We also pray that you be granted good health and strength in character to face the challenges life presents to you.”


Well, thank you so much for your kind thoughts, Mr. Vice President. For the past many years you have been sending us words of wisdom on our birthday. We really appreciate that.

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