AANI FARM VISIT: Dioko Ecotourism Park & Resort, Sunday January 28,2018

Showcase of stingless honeybees at the Dioko Ecotourism Park and Resort. Vice Mayor Celso Dioko is at right while his brother Virgilio is at left.

E-Car at the Dioko Ecotourism Park & Resort.

AANI will conduct a farm visit to the famous Dioko Ecotourism Park and Resort in San Pablo City in Laguna on January 28, 2018 (a Sunday). Participants will be able to observe many practical farming and gardening ideas in the 30-hectare farm resort put up by Vice Mayor Celso Dioko of Muntinglupa and helped by his brother Virgilio Dioko as resident manager.

The farm boasts of a modern Bahay Kubo which is surrounded by the vegetables mentioned in the song “Bahay Kubo.” There are organically grown leafy vegetables outdoors as well as inside greenhouses. The vegetables grown outdoors are in between fruit trees that include pummelos, durian, sweet sampaloc, pomegranate and others.

Giant biogas digester supplies electricity needed during day time.

Hot chilli grown in big volume at the Dioko Ecotourism Park and Resort.

There is also a mushroom house which produces oyster mushrooms commercially. Other attractions are the tropical strawberry, melons inside the green house, vermiculture to produce organic fertilizer, veggies grown the hydroponics way, honeybee production, butterfly garden and others.

Vice Mayor Celso Dioko and fruitful variegated lemon.

Oyster mushroom grown commercially.

Those interested to join the farm visit should contact Jocelyn Mahipus at 0917-795-0916 or (02)475-0134.

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