AANI Harvest Festival: Nov. 15-17, 2014, Quezon Memorial Circle

AANI Harvest Festival: Nov. 15-17, 2014, Quezon Memorial Circle
AANI Harvest Festival: Nov. 15-17,  2014,  Quezon Memorial Circle
SEEDLESS BALIMBING will be available at the Sarian Farm booth at the festival.

A lecture on the many benefits of the real Ashitaba will be discussed in a lecture this afternoon, starting at 2 p.m. at the AANI Harvest Festival at the Quezon Memorial Circle in Quezon City. The harvest festival will run through Monday, November 17.

The AANI Harvest Festival is held once a year as a venue for showcasing the products and services of the Friends of  AANI who are into various types of farming and gardening.

The lecture on Ashitaba that will cover the many health benefits of Ashitaba, Angelica keiskei, will be discussed by Raymond Rubia from 2 o’clock in the afternoon up to 5 o’clock. Ashitaba is a versatile herb with many wellness attributes. It can be made into tea, capsule, cooked as vegetable and other preparations.

AANI Harvest Festival: Nov. 15-17,  2014,  Quezon Memorial Circle
Scene at the Ashitaba booth at the recent Agrilink trade show.

It is claimed in published literature that Ashitaba is loaded with antioxidant that is essential for good health. It is claimed to lower cholesterol, blood pressure and is an answer to several other health problems.

Free tasting of Ashitaba tea will also be available throughout the festival. Seeds and seedlings will also be available for sale. Pointers on growing the plant will be discussed.

RABBIT TALK – Art Veneracion who runs a diversified organic farm in Bulacan will lecture on rabbit raising. He has gone into commercial rabbit production for meat. Rabbit meat is said to contain less cholesterol and is as delicious as chicken meat.

URBAN GARDENING – Dr. Eduardo Paningbatan Jr. will lecture on urban vegetable production. He is well known for growing vegetables and other plants in soda bottles using his special formulation of growing medium and plant nutrients.

CULINARY DEMO – Che Nazario will demonstrate cooking all-vegetable dishes. This is one way of promoting the healthful consumption of vegetables.

ORGANIC FARMING – Brian Belen of Ato Belen’s Farm will discuss the practical techniques of organic farming. Ato Belen, his father, is an advocate of using solid as well as liquid organic plant food. He has formulated his own beneficial microorganisms for growing vegetables as well as fruit trees.

AANI Harvest Festival: Nov. 15-17,  2014,  Quezon Memorial Circle
Dewi Hanrieder and her mini cucumber.

SMALLEST CUCUMBER – Dewi Hanrieder will be showcasing the many products from the world’s smallest cucumber. This is a variety that is perennial and its fruits measure only 0.5 to 2.5 inches at maturity. The mini cucumber can be eaten fresh, made into pickle, bread spread,  prunes and other preparations, including face mask.

AANI Harvest Festival: Nov. 15-17,  2014,  Quezon Memorial Circle
SUPER AVOCADO from the Sarian Farm will be available at the AANI Harvest Festival.

LAGIKWAY FROM OUR FARM – The indigenous shrub, Lagikway, which is a versatile vegetable for cooking favorite Filipino dishes, will be available for sale together with exotic fruit trees from our nursery in Teresa, Rizal. Other superior grafted fruit trees are the seedless balimbing, seedless atis, Longkong and Duku lanzones, Abiu from Brazil, Perante orange, Vietnam pummelos, super avocado, sweet kamias, imported makopas (4 varieties) and others.

LIQUID DURABLOOM – Novatech which is a pioneer in the manufacture of organic fertilizers will showcase its new product – Durabloom bio-organic foliar fertilizer, which is derived from fish scraps from a big fish processing company in Cebu. The bio-organic fertilizer is very good for accelerating the growth of seedlings. It is also excellent for applying to mature plants that include vegetables, fruit trees, rice, corn and others. Being organic, it is excellent for spraying on vegetables that are eaten fresh like lettuce.

Novatech is also introducing its pelleted organic fertilizer. A small packaging is being introduced for hobbyists who grow vegetables and ornamentals in their home gardens. The pelleted fertilizer is like a slow release fertilizer whose nutrients are released to the plant little by little every day for  a long time.

ATOVI – Walther Alvarez, inventor of Atovi for enhancing livestock feeds as well as for use in fishponds will be showcasing his products at the harvest festival.

SUPER NAPIER – Planting materials of Super Napier will also be available at the harvest festival. This is a very fast-growing forage grass that is also highly nutritious.

Make sure to visit the AANI Harvest Festival which will run through Monday, November 17.

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