Aboitiz Group To Plant 50,000 Trees on July 21, 2012

Team members of the Aboitiz Group will troop to 14 different sites in the Philippines to plant an estimated 50,000 tree seedlings as part of its corporate program to plant 3 million trees before 2015.

The Group said it will soon hit 70 percent of the 3-million targeted trees for its nationwide initiative called APARK or Aboitiz Passion for Agroforest and Reforest to Keep. The three million trees are estimated to sequester 68,000 tons of carbon dioxide annually. The 50,000 trees that will be planted on July 21 will sequester roughly 1,135 tons of carbon dioxide annually.

The Philippines is one of 18 mega-biodiversity countries in the world. Yet, it is beset with human-induced threats to its biodiversity status. The Philippines also ranks highest for vulnerability to tropical cyclones.

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