ADAMCO Tractor Launched At Manila Hotel, Feb. 9, 2019


ADAMCO tractor manufactured by Yanmar of Japan and distributed in the Philippines by Ada Manufacturing Corporation, a member of the Ropali Group of Companies headed by Roberto P. Alingog.

ADAMCO Tractor made by Yanmar of Japan and distributed in the Philippines by Ada Manufacturing Corporation will be launched during a presentation at the Manila Hotel on February 9. In attendance will be the endorser of the product, a famous movie actor who will have to be kept ย anonymous at this time.ย 

The entry of ADAMCO tractor in the field is very timely because farm mechanization is the urgent need in the country today. Farm machines are needed to make farming operations faster, more efficient and cost effective. Mechanization also results in improved product quality that will meet export standards.

Yanmar is a pioneer in farm machinery manufacture. It developed the first diesel engine in 1933. Only recently, Yanmar of Japan launched two new models of tractors with cutting edge technologies in Bangkok, Thailand. Both are equipped with the so-called SMARTASSIST-Remote technology which enables tractor owners and farmers to monitor the activities of their tractors wherever they are located with the use of a smartphone.

This is a new edition of Yanmar Tractor that was launched recently in Bangkok, Thailand. It is equipped with the SMARTASSIST-Remote cutting edge technology.















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