Add Value To Farm Rejects

Add Value To Farm Rejects
Add Value To Farm Rejects
The off-size fruits can be money-makers if you make them into really good pickles.

We remember the wife of a papaya grower from Iloilo that we interviewed some years back. The husband plants at least a hectare to Red Lady papaya. Not all the fruits are marketable, of course. Some are mishapen, others are off-size.

What the wife did was to come up with a really nice papaya pickle using the off-size fruits from her husband’s plantation. And at the time of our interview, she was selling a lot not only through the grocery stores but to the makers of native lechon manok which are many in Iloilo. She packs her pickle in small sizes that go with each purchase of lechon manok.

Wise lady, isn’t she?

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