Additional Free Seminars At Agrilink 2017, Oct. 5-7, 2017

Durian will be one of the topics to be discussed in seminars at Agrilink 2017.

Additional free seminars have been announced by the Foundation for Resource Linkage and Development (FRLD), organizer of the annual Agrilink trade show which will be held at the World Trade Center in Pasay City on October 5-7.

The seminars will be conducted by government agencies as well as private agriculture and aquaculture organizations. To be featured are the latest information and innovations in fresh fruit export, postharvest technologies, tree farming and organic farming. There will also be seminars and technical workshops on seaweed, oyster, shrimp and mangrove crab.

Pomelo will also be showcased at Agrilink 2017. It is a possible fruit for export.
The white-fleshed Nam Roi pomelo from Vietnam. Planting materials are available at the Sarian Farm in Teresa, Rizal.

On October 5, the South African embassy through Anton Kruger of the Fresh Produce Exporters’ Forum will share his country’s experience in exporting fresh produce, including the processes and regulations involved when transporting crops beyond South Africa’s borders. Kruger will also share how to facilitate the retention and growth of a profitable fresh fruit export industry through strategic private-public partnerships and stakeholder management.

Also on October 5, hog raisers should not miss the seminar that will be given by the Univet Nutrition and Animal Healthcare Co. (UNAHCO). It is on “Practical Strategies in Feeding and Managing Gro-finish Pigs” with nutrition expert Dr. Ken Bryant as speaker.

On October 5, UNAHCO will conduct a seminar on “Practical Strategies in Feeding and Managing Gro-finish Pigs” with nutrition expert Ken Bryant as speaker.

ON October 6, UPLB’s Postharvest Horticulture Training and Research Center (PHTRC) will conduct a seminar the profitability of improved fruit varieties. To be discussed are the different varieties of high-yielding, non-biennial-bearing fruit crops such as banana, pineapple and papaya. These are already commercially cultivated in Mindanao and other parts of the country for the local and international markets.

Maria Rovilla Lubanis of SEAFDEC will discuss micropropagation of seaweeds at Agrilink 2017 on October 7.
A Davao seaweed farmer and his harvest of seaweeds.

PHTRC will also discuss crops under its fruit crop development and improvement programs, including mango, jackfruit, cashew, rambutan, sweet orange, mandarin, durian, guyabano, avocado, lanzones, atis, santol, makopa, guava and dragon fruit. Engr. Emmanuel Amatorio, also of PHTRC, will also tackle how different selection, introduction and hybridization methods help develop improved fruit varieties, and the important role that postharvest facilities play in ensuring the quality and profitability of fresh horticultural produce.

FOREST TREE FARMING – The Agri-Aqua Network International (AANI), through the Zambales-based Sustainable Tree Farmers Group of the Philippines, will conduct a seminar on the profitability of tree farming where tree saplings are planted and managed for timber production. The talk will also discuss the benefits of Forest Stewardship Council Certification which standardizes sustainability in wood-based products from forest farms.

On October 7, Netherlands-based Koppert Biological Systems and Allied Botanical Corporation will discuss natural farming solutions. Innovations include application of natural extracts and beneficial microorganisms and less dependence on chemical inputs in order to produce healthier and pest and disease-free resilient crops from seed to fruit.

Also on October 7, the Southeast Asian Fisheries Development Center (SEAFDEC) will hold technical workshops and seminars on improving and sustaining production of seaweed, mangrove crabs and certain species of oysters. For seaweed, Maria Rovilla Lubanis will show how micro-propagation technology, where hig-quality seaweed is cultured for mass production, can help improve production in seaweed farming. On the other hand, Dr. Emilia Quinitio will discuss the various inputs, technologies and processes for growing soft-shelled an hard-shelled mangrove crabs in ponds.

Cavendish banana is one of the big dollar earners in the Philippines.

Also on this last day of the trade show, Dr. Junemic Hazel Lebata-Ramos will demonstrate the profitability of farming certain species of oyster. On the other hand Dr. Rolando Pakingking Jr. will discuss practical disease prevention and control strategies in shrimp production. Lastly, UNAHCO will conduct a seminar or duck production

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