Advice on Mama Sita Banana

The Mama Sita banana is becoming increasingly popular because it is sturdy, produces big bunches, and the fruits are very versatile. They can be eaten as fresh ripe fruit, can be fried, boiled, barbecued and mad into banana chip.
One practical advice: Allow just one plant to develop in one hill. The fruit bunch will be bigger. If there are suckers, separate them as soon as they are 1.5 feet tall and plant the same if you have space.  When the plant is nearing fruiting, allow one sucker to become a replacement. After the fruit of the main plant has been harvested, cut down the old trunk so the new sucker will grow faster.
Tissue-cultured planting materials are sometimes available. Such planting materials grow fast. In one year, they could bear fruit. Right now (Feb. 16) there are a limited number of tissue-cultured Mama Sita at the Teresa Orchard & Nursery in Teresa, Rizal.

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