ADVICE: Plant pomelo and jackfruit in Jala-jala!

This is a big fruit of the red Vietnam pomelo which is sweet and juicy. Will grow well in Jala-jala, Rizal.

Here’s a comment from Claire Truong, a visitor of our blog.

Thank you for these very informative articles on your website. I would like to inquire what I can do to my 1 hectare farm in Jalajala, Rizal. The soil is quite dry and hard and gets sticky when it rains. I can’t seem to grow anything on it. I look forward to your response. Thank you very much.

Claire’s inquiry is very good because she has identified the place where she has her farm. We are quite familiar with the town. And then she said the soil is clayey that gets sticky when it rains. It would even be much better if she had mentioned how long ago she has been developing her farm. It would also be helpful if she had mentioned that she has already a source of water.

And how much is she willing to spend every year to develop her farm? Is she farming as a hobby? For pleasure? For profit? Or for all the above. Also, it would be helpful if Claire had mentioned her age bracket so we would be able to speculate the best crops for her. And how much time can she devote visiting her farm? Oh, so many questions!

OUR ADVICE – We recommend two flagship crops for the long term, namely jackfruit and pomelo. Why? These two are highly suitable for planting in Jalajala, Rizal. It is quite near Metro Manila and suburbs which is the big market for the harvest. The concrete road to Jalajala is excellent, too.

Of course you should plant the superior varieties of both jackfruit and pomelo. The government is promoting Eviarc Sweet jackfruit from Leyte. You might also try our latexless jackfruit from Malaysia and the new RedOrange selection we have propagated in our farm. Based on our experience, we are very proud of the quality of the arils and their productivity.

For pomelo, there is the Magallanes often called Davao pomelo. Imported ones include two from Vietnam and one from Thailand. They have been proven to perform well under local conditions.

AMEND THE SOIL – Of course you can improve the hard and sticky soil. For both fruit trees, dig a planting hole with a diameter of 1.5 feet and 2 feet deep. Fill the planting hole with a mixture of a kilo of organic fertilizer, two buckets of rice hull mixed with the topsoil for filling the hole.

Claire, it is now your turn to research on the proper management of jackfruit and pomelo orchards. You can do that by reading printed matters as well as online. You can attend forums and seminars where you can meet other people who might be able to help you and vice versa.

So long for now, Claire. Good luck.

CONTACT – For availability of pomelo and jackfruit planting materials, contact Rose at 0915-002-1368 or 0906-551-1791 or 0947-590-0398 (smart).

Beautiful latexless jackfruit harvested at the Mercado farm in Angat, Bulacan.
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