Advisory To Those Interested In Super Napier

So many people have been asking us about the Super Napier developed by Dr. Krailas Kiyothong of Thailand. This is a very fast-growing napier that animal raisers would like to plant. However, those who have acquired planting materials ย in the Philippines are not yet releasing their stocks.

Those interested might be glad to know that Dr. Kiyothong will be in the Philippines soon. He will speak at the Philippine Carabao Center in Munoz City, Nueva Ecija at 10 a.m. on May 6, 2014. He will talk on the Super Napier and experiences in extension in buffalo farming. He will also be a speaker at the Dairy Convention in General Santos City at 4 pm on May 8, 2014.

Those interested to go to the PCC may contact Dr. Eric Palacpac at 0917-583-4757. Those interested to attend the lecture of Dr. Kiyothong ย at the DairyCon in GenSan, may contact 0917-832-3004.

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0 thoughts on “Advisory To Those Interested In Super Napier

  1. Thank you Zac for information you have provided about the hybrid napier Pak Chong. This gave us an idea to add Pak Chong to our Alaminos Salad Garden. Got some cuttings from Pampanga and hopefully after 90 days we will have cutting materials available at Alaminos Goat Farm.

  2. i am also interested to plant however, we have no processing plant in Bukidnon. Please provide me details, costing,where to get seedlings, who will buy our harvest? please email me. thanks.

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