Agri Opportunities Showcased In Agrilink 2017

UNAHCO targets small hog raisers as well as commercial swine farmers.

Attendees of the Agrilink 2017 which will be held at the World Trade Center in Pasay City on October 5-7, will be able to pick up a lot of ideas on the opportunities in agribusiness. Leading companies in their respective fields will be showcasing their products and services, highlighting the many opportunities that can be undertaken for profit.

One of the consistent exhibitors is the Univet Nutrition and Animal Healthcare Co. (UNAHCO), a wholly-owned feed and veterinary company of Unilab Inc. The company manufactures and distributes agricultural, veterinary and feed products for various livestock and aqua species.

Technical experts of UNAHCO regularly conduct seminars like in this Duck Kapihan where the opportunities in duck farming are discussed.

In their recent press conference, Ricardo C. Alba, UNAHCOpresident and chief operating officer, disclosed: “We offer comprehensive seminars that teach participants how to put up and run a profitable agribusiness that aims to give basic investment guide and technical assistance to participants who decide to put up their own agribusiness.”

He added that there are huge business and career potentials in animal production that include swine, poultry, goat and aquaculture; farm crops that include vegetables, fruits, grains and plantation crops; food processing, distribution, dealership and retail of feed and veterinary products, among others.

UNAHCO has been a major sponsor of Agrilink for the past 18 years through its business units such as Univet, Pigrolac Hog Feeds, Sarimanok Poultry, UNAHCO Commercial Farm Group (CFG), and UNAGRO (Univet Agronomy).

Carrot Heartland is considered the No.1 carrot variety in the country today. It is distributed by Ramgo, yielding 40 tons a hectare.
Pamela Ong Chan is Ramgo’s big boss.

RAMGO INTERNATIONAL – Another company that has been a consistent exhibitor at Agrilink is Ramgo International Corporation which is observing its 50th year of making farmers rich. The company will showcase its outstanding varieties of hybrid vegetables and other high-value crops, according to its president, Pamela Ong Chan.

Pamela is very excited about Heartland Carrot which, she says, has captured the biggest market share in its category. This has uniform and highly vigorous plant growth with deep orange root color, crisp and sweet. Maturing in 85 to 105 days after planting, it can yield up to 40 tons per hectare. It is claimed to be resistant to leaf blight, a major disease of carrots.
New onion varieties also excite the Ramgo boss. One is the new Maserati shallot which is grown from seed instead of the usual way of using bulblets for planting. The plants produced from seed are free of disease infection, hence they grow into more robust plants that produce higher yields.

Mario Palma and his harvest of Maserati shallot.
Close up of Maserati bulbs.

Maserati is a counterpart of the “Lasona” of the Ilocos and the Tanduyong of Nueva Ecija. This is a type of onion that has an export potential, especially to Indonesia.

The other recently introduced onion variety is Superex which is a favorite of food chains in making onion rings and other preparations. The big bulbs have attractive skin color that is yellow to yellow-brown. It can yield an average of 21 to 24 tons per hectare.

This is Sweet Fortune sweet corn which has high Class A ear recovery and can be planted in both wet and dry seasons.

Ramgo is also proud of its recently introduced sweet corn hybrid called Sweet Fortune. It is one variety that has a high market acceptance and which can be profitably planted during both wet and dry seasons. Other desirable characteristics of the variety include high recovery of Class A ears; the long and big ears have closed husk cover, hence less prone to earworm infestation; it is also resistant to branded leaf and sheath blight, northern corn leaf blight and southern corn leaf blight; is also early maturing at 69 to72 days after planting.

This Red Dragon, another bestseller from Ramgo.
Backyard hog raisers like this housewife can benefit from the products of UNAHCO.
Other high-value crop varieties that will be showcased by Ramgo include Red Dragon onion, Violeta bicolor waxy corn, Magnum hot pepper, Mt. King cab bage, Romaine Lettuce Xanadu, Kale Reflex and many others.
Make sure to attend the Agrilink 2017, you will be happy you did. Remember the date and place – october 5-7 at the World Trade Center in Pasay City.

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