AGRICULTURE MAG: 500 New Monthly Subscriptions From Ilocos Norte

AGRICULTURE MAG: 500 New Monthly Subscriptions From Ilocos Norte

Imee Marcos

A new monthly subscription for 500 copies starting with the October 2015 issue of Agriculture Magazine has been ordered by Ilocos Norte Gov. Imee Marcos.

She said the magazine will be distributed to farmers, co-op members, entrepreneurs and investors in Ilocos Norte. The farmers in Ilocos need new ideas that can help them meet the challenges of climate change. She said that Ilocos Norte farmers are facing the problem of recurrent drought as well as frequent typhoons.

The lady governor believes that the readers of Agriculture Magazine could pick up practical ideas that could inspire them to become more creative in crafting their own farming strategies.

One idea she likes very much is the scheme entered into by Ronald Costales Nature Farms and the Department of Social Welfare and Development. Under the scheme, Costales Nature Farms is the Technology Convergence Partner for Sustainable Livelihood Program.

The beneficiaries are members of the so-called 4Ps program of the government. These are the poor families who are taught by Costales to raise organic pigs funded by DSWD. The technology includes the use of feeds that are much cheaper than the commercial feeds in the market. Costales also buys back the pigs produced by the beneficiaries at a premium price of 10 percent higher than the prevailing price in the market.

The governor says there is a ready market for fattened pigs in Ilocos Norte but pork is in short supply.The major supermarkets, according to her, are in need of steady supply of ‘bagnet’ and longganisa but there is not enough pigs available that could meet the demand of the big supermarkets.

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