AGRICULTURE MAG: November 2015 Issue

AGRICULTURE november2015

WATCH for the November 2015 issue of Agriculture Magaqzine which will be off the press shortly. Featured on the cover is Longkong lanzones produced in Teresa, Rizal. It is proof that we can produce bumper crops of this Thai lanzones if we take good care of our trees – give them adequate nutrition by applying lots of organic fertilizer reinforced by inorganic complete fertilizer and supplemented by Power Grower Combo and Heavy Weight Tandem. Also important is drip irrigation during the dry months.

You will also read about the research updates on how the special coconut varieties perform in the Philippines.These include the Nam Wan and Nam Hom varieties promoted by the government of Thailand for cultivation of smallhold farmers for poverty alleviation. These varieties have sweet water, one of which is also aromatic.

AGRICULTURE MAG: November 2015 Issue
This is Nam Hom which produced over 120 nuts during its 4th year from planting.

Dr. Pamplona discusses his observations on proper distancing (7×7 m), effective fertilization and isolation from ordinary varieties. He observes that in Thailand, the Royal Princess is distributing thousands offree seedlings to smallhold farmers. Which is why growing the special coconuts has become a lucrative industry in Thailand.

AGRICULTURE MAG: November 2015 Issue
In its 5th year, Nam Hom produced more than 200 nuts.

Agricultuyre Magazine, published by Manila Bulletin and edited by yours truly, is the most widely circulated agriculture magazine in the Philippines. It is distributed through bookstores and outlets of Manila Bulletin nationwide. It is also available by subscription.

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    1. Dr. Pablito Pamplona will be sending sprouted nuts of the Nam Wan variety that will be available at the Sarian Farm in Teresa, Rizal shortly. We will announce in this blog as soon as they are available.

  1. Will be in Manila for the 2nd Irrigation Forum@ADBank on 17-19 Nov

    Interest to visit your farm & network for future projects on Thur 19 Nov

    Plse advice


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