AGRILINK 2014: Here Sooner Than You Think

AGRILINK 2014: Here Sooner Than You Think
AGRILINK 2014: Here Sooner Than You Think
Rowena Bienes at Allied Botanical’s booth at the Agrilink 2013.

The 2014 edition of Agrilink trade show is here sooner than you think. It is just about a month away. Make sure to remember the date. It will be held on October 9 to 11 at the World Trade Center at the corner of Puyat Avenue and Macapagal Blvd. in Pasay City.

This time, let’s take a peek at what some of the regular exhibitors will offer at the expo. We will start with the suppliers of high-value crops that include vegetables, melons, papayas and others.

ALLIED BOTANICAL has always offered a wide variety of vegetables, many of them the salad type that consists of several varieties of lettuce. The company is the supplier of French beans which is an early-fruiting variety that commands as much as P250 per kilo in the market. Of course the company has also a wide variety of ‘pinakbet’ type vegetables that include its prolific Negostar sitao, dwarf sitao, Lighting eggplant, sweet and ‘panigang’ peppers, ampalaya  and many more.

Allied has other high-value crops for the lowland that include varieties of watermelon and melon, sweet corn, baby corn and sorghum. It also has flowering ornamentals.

AGRILINK 2014: Here Sooner Than You Think
Ready-to-plant seedlings at the East-West Seed booth last year.

EAST-WEST SEED – Another Agrilink reguar is East-West Seed Company. Attendees can expect a lot of ready-to-plant seedlings to be made available by the company. These include seedlings of D-Max tomato, Django ‘panigang’ pepper, Emperor sweet pepper, Red Hot chili, papaya seedlings that include Red Royale, Red Lady and Cariñosa.

HARBEST AGRIBUSINESS – This offers a wide variety of agricultural needs. It has high-value crops from Known-You Seed from Taiwan, drip irrigation system from India and Israel, small farm tractors from Taiwan, plastic mulch and many more.

AGRILINK 2014: Here Sooner Than You Think
Caysing Tan and his do-it-yourself (DIY) drip irrigation system.

BOWA COMPANY – Our friend Caysing Tan is another Agrilink regular. His company is into a wide array of agricultural equipment like shredders/chippers, tractors, sprayers, ridging machine, portable rice mill, coffee pulper, corn sheller, and do-it-yourself drip irrigation system.

CAROLINA BAMBOO GARDEN – If you are looking for different varieties of bamboo, you will have to look for the stall of Mrs. Kay Jimenez who has a bamboo collection in Antipolo City. She will be making available a lot of planting materials.

ALAMINOS GOAT FARM – Rene Almeda tells us that they will be making available Oberhasli bucks at the Agrilink. Oberhasli is relatively new goat breed in the Philippines but is a very promising dairy goat. It is red-coated and is well adapted to the hot climate in the Philippines.

A top Oberhasli doe has produced as much as 4.5 liters of milk during the whole of last  March. One of its progenies has also been producing about 2.5 liters of milk in its first lactation. This is considered high for a goat in its first lactation.

THE REAL ASHITABA – Adela Ang has informed us that she will be displaying and making available the real Ashitaba, the plant with many medicinal attributes, at Agrilink 2014.

We say ‘real’ because in the past few years, some enterprising sellers have been selling a plant that looks more like a gyneura rather than Ashitaba. And at a very high price, too. As much as P1,500 for a small plant in a small pot.

She will be making available seedling plants as well as seeds at very affordable prices. Then she will be having free taste of her Ashitaba tea. Recently she underwent training in making Ashitaba tea in Taiwan.

SARIAN FARM – On our part, we will be showcasing planting materials of our superior exotic fruit trees. We will have Abiu from Brazil, Red Criollo cacao from Brazil, sweet kamias, different imported makopa varieties, pomegranate, variegated chico, variegated orange, seedless duhat, sweet balimbing, latexless jackfruit, longkong and duku lanzones, two varieties of Vietnam pummelo, Magallanes pummelo, lemons and limes and more. We will also make available the indigenous lagikway, a shrub whose leaves are cooked as vegetable. We will also make available Pakchong1, the super napier.

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