AGRILINK UPDATE: Seaweeds & Bangus Industries In Davao Region

Seaweeds in Davao del Sur.

The Bureau of Fisheries and Aquatic Resources (BFAR) will showcase its marketing chain projects for Davao Region’s seaweed and milk fish industries at the Agrilink 2017 trade show that will be held at the World Trade Center in Pasay City on October 5 to 7.

ANTONIO V. ROCES, the big boss of Agrilink.

This was announced by Antonio V. Roces, president of the Foundation for Resource Linkage and Development (FRLD), the agency that stages the annual agri expo.

BFAR, a bureau under the Department of Agriculture, is headed by Director Eduardo B. Gongona who declared that there are tremendous opportunities in the fisheries and aquaculture business in the Davao Region.

He said that Agrilink’s focus on the Davao Region will create more opportunities for fishermen and entrepreneurs, pointing out that Mindanao is blessed with natural aquatic resources that fisherfolk can take advantage of. He stressed that “tapping the potentials of the burgeoning aquaculture in Mindanao, particularly in the Davao Region, will bring a more diverse and robust fisheries industry.”

He added that while the prospect of Philippine fisheries industry is bullish, BFAR wants to highlight the importance of technological innovations, such as in postharvest, so that we can tap its full potential and sustain the momentum of our agricultural industry moving forward in the global market.

BANGUS has big markets in the US, Saudi Arabia and Guam.

Gongona cited the successes of seaweeds and milkfish in the region, the latter of which are exported to over 30 countries, with the United States, Saudi Arabia and Guam its biggest export markets. To augment this, BFAR’s regional office in Davao conducts market matching and trade mission programs where they provide fisherfolk linkages to commercial traders and processors.

He added that recently, BFAR’s regional office provided 72 units of fish stalls to a fish vending cooperative. These not only improve the shelf life and mitigate losses in their fishery products. They also serve as sanitary facilities for vending fish products to ensure consumer safety.

Gongona also announced that BFAR’s regional office in Davao is also building and maintaining fish landing centers strategically located in beneficiary municipalities. These ensure timely postharvest handling from the vessels. The centers also have aquaria that serve as fish tanks for live fish catches which command a high price in the market.

Gongona added that the establishment of the Community Fish Landing Centers all over the country is one of the agency’s programs for coastal communities under the framework of Targeted Actions to Reduce Poverty and Generate Economic Transformation in the fisheries sector program. The facilities operate as the fisherfolks’ permanent landing site for their daily catch. We are optimistic that these fish landing centers will spur economic activities in the coastal communities while reducing postharvest losses and ensuring safe and quality fishery products.

Korean agricultural machinery, like this direct seeder for rice, will be showcased at the Korea Pavilion at Agrilink 2017.
BFAR’s regional office in Davao is also part of the DA’s Philippine Rural Development Project (PRDP) on value chain analysis (VCA) studies for additional high-value crops and fishery commodities. In a recent scoping activity conducted by PRDP’s Mindanao Project Support Office (PSO), three regions will embark on VCA studies for three commodities while another three will develop VCAs for fishery commodities. This will help in firming up a viable market for the commodities in the region, according to Gongona.

Grafted Longkong lanzones will be made available by the Sarian Farm in the outdoor commercial section of Agrilink 2017.

At the Agrilink, BFAR will conduct an investment forum featuring various investment opportunities in fisheries and a business matching activity to help link fisherfolk with local and foreign buyers

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