AHA! There Are Important Events To Witness In Taraka!

Sorghum, a drought resistant crop, will be a new source of income for farmers in Taraka, Lanao del Sur.

You saw our earlier post about our scheduled visit toTaraka in this blog, right? Right. We are excited to visit the town in Lanao de Sur and witness the turn over of more than 4,000 pullets to the LGU which could be for the Egg Machines of Pilmico, the flour and feed milling firm of the Aboitiz Group.

Aside from the turn over of the pullets, there are other important events that we will be witnessing come March 21, 2020, the day after our arrival in Taraka. First is the signing of the P100-M loan agreement between DBP and Taraka LGU for the Solar Powered Water Systems project which will provide irrigation water as well as water for drinking. With the irrigation system, the farmers can plant rice at least two times a year.

There will also be a signing of a Marketing Agreement with Pilmico highlighted by the turn over of sorghum seeds good for planting 200 hectares. Sorghum is a drought resistant crop that produces grains used in making livestock and poultry feeds. The farmers could pant the seeds which Pilmico will buy. That will be a new source of income for the farmers.

There will also be a turn over of 22 milk goats which could be the start of a dairy project to produce milk that will help alleviate malnutrition. So we are really excited to visit Taraka and meet its lady mayor, Mayor Nashida Sumagayan and of course Sec. Manny Piñol of MinDA. Here we come, Taraka!

Dairy goats will help alleviate malnutrition in Taraka, Lanao del Sur.
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