ALBIZZIA FALCATA: Hot Seller in Mindanao

Planters of Albizzia falcata in Tagoloan, Lanao del Norte are enjoying a bonanza, according to Leoncio Bagol, chairman of a cooperative in that town. Albizzia falcata is a fast-growing tree that is used in plywood manufacture and for pulp.

According to Bagol, a truckload of export-quality timber (30 cubic meters) with about 28 cm diameter fetches P200,000 to P250,000. If it is for pulp, not export quality, a truckload fetches P150,000.

Because of the bright prospects, Bagol is starting to develop a 9-hectare plantation.He has 8,000 falcata seedlings that are one year and two months old for his project.

This should open the eyes of people who have land and the capital to invest in falcata plantations.

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One thought on “ALBIZZIA FALCATA: Hot Seller in Mindanao

  1. PICOP before it was shut down by its owners due to corrupt officers of The DENR during the presidency of GMA had a huge tract of its forest planted to falcata and acacia mangium for manufacture of paper. Now the plantation including the natural forest are being cut illegally. In another ten to fifteen years the whole forestland which Picop upturned for more than 50 years will be denuded. The small planters will make money but should have made more if PICOP were in operation

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