ALOE BARBADENSIS: New Source Of Biofertilizer

Dr. Marlene Agabon a.k.a. Doc Aga, is a multi-faceted scientist, a cancer survivor, whose mission now is to help rice farmers increase their productivity. She used to teach biochemistry in a well known university but is more focused now on making a biofertilizer out of the Aloe barbadensis juice which is fermented and infused with several beneficial microorganisms.


Aloe barbadensis in the plantation of Dr. Marlene Agabon in Antipolo City.


Dr. Marlene Agabon and Dr. Joy Eusebio showing Aloe barbadensis at the Agribiz Kapihan.

No doubt, she has the biggest plantation of this herb that has long been known for its efficacy in stimulating hair growth as well as many other beauty and wellness products. She says that the Aloe barbadensis helped her recover from her cancer. It is estimated that Doc Aga must have at least a hundred thousand Aloe barbadensis that she is growing in a sparsely populated subdivision in Antipolo City.


Dr. Marlene Agabon showing plastic drums used for fermenting Aloe barbadensis juice into biofertilizer.

More than three years ago, she was a member of a team of consultants that developed a biofertilizer for a rich Dutch businessman in Indonesia utilizing the enriched juice of Aloe barbadensis. The Dutch is providing the fertiizer to the farmers as his contribution to their economic upliftment.

Doc Aga got the permission to manufacture the fertilizer for free because she told the businessman that she will produce the biofertilizer to help the poor rice farmers in the Philippines. By the way, she was one of the speakers at the Agribiz Kapihan last July 28.

Dr. Agabon extracting gel from a leaf of Aloe barbadensis.


This is the gel extracted from just one leaf of Aloe barbadensis.

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