Always Pay Cash And Get A Big Discount

We remember a duck raiser from Candaba, Pampanga whom we interviewed many years ago. His policy was to always pay cash for whatever he bought so that he could bargain for a big discount. Like when he bought feeds for his ducks.

In those early years, shells from Laguna lake were virtually the standard feed for ducks preferred by raisers. This fellow usually bought 300 sacks of shells every time he went to buy his own requirements and those of his neighbors who bought their supplies from him.

He said that he paid only P18 per sack because he paid cash. For those who bought on credit, the rate was P25 per sack. That means he saved P2,100 every time he went to buy his supply. That was a big amount during that time. It could be the equivalent of P10,000 or more in today’s peso.

Paying cash for whatever he bought was always his policy, and he found it rewarding. A wise strategy, if you ask us.

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