The very hot and very prolific Zesy finger pepper.(Photo by Sahlie Lacson)

Zesy, another view.(Sahlie P.Lacson photo)

Known-You Seed has developed some really prolific finger peppers. Notable for its creamy yellow skin when immature and red when ripe is Zesy. It has thick flesh and is very pungent. It is said to be a favorite in the United States and Europe.

Codename BF 2121 is very prolific and hot.(Sahlie P. Lacson photo)

There is a dark green variety that is very new, in fact it is only known by its codename of BF2121. It has long fruits that are said to extremely hot. Another new variety is Temptation that is also very prolific, each fruit weighing 40 grams. Also newly introduced is Kris with very green that weigh 68 grams each.

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