AMINO PLUS: New Organic Foliar Fertilizer Derived From Ocean Fish

AMINO PLUS: New Organic Foliar Fertilizer Derived From Ocean Fish
AMINO PLUS: New Organic Foliar Fertilizer Derived From Ocean Fish
RICKY SUN smiles as he shows a container of Amino Plus Foliar Fertilizer.

A new organic foliar fertilizer is now in the market carrying the brand name Amino Plus Foliar Fertilizer. It is manufactured in Mandaue City in Cebu by the Global Green Organic Fertilizer Inc. It has been registered with the Fertilizer and Pesticide Authority (FPA) and is also certified by the Organic Certirication Center of the Philippines.

The new fertilizer was one of the organic products showcased at the Organic Sunday Market organized by the Agriculture Magazine at the Eastwood business center in Quezon City. The first of three organic market days was held on August 16, 2015 while the rest are on August 23 and 30.

Ricky Sun, one of the company owners, said that their mother company processes fish fillet for export to Japan. The trimmings and fish scraps, particularly of the mackerel types, are fermented to produce the organic foliar fertilizer. Sun says that mackerels are rich in Omega 3 which is good for the health of plants as well as animals.

He adds that unlike other fertilizers derived from fish and other natural sources, Amino Plus Foliar Fertilizer is not processed in high temperature, thus preventing denaturation of proteins and retains amino acids, enzymes, vitamins and natural oil.

Amino Plus boosts the growth and productivity of rice, corn, vegetables, fruit trees, ornamentals and many other crops. Plants sprayed with Amino Plus are more resistant to diseases and other stresses in the field. When sprayed, it effectively adheres to the plant’s surface and provides quick supplementation.

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12 thoughts on “AMINO PLUS: New Organic Foliar Fertilizer Derived From Ocean Fish

  1. do your company produces hydroponic nutrient fertilizer ? many are now interested in hydroponic garden but dont know where to buy the plant nutrient the most important element in hydroponic culture.

      1. Hi, Zac!
        Other than the label, is there any material I could read in the internet? Or agricultural magazines? Please refer me to one?
        Am also interested in knowing research results. Will appreciate additional advise.
        Much thanks!

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