AMPALAYA HYBRIDS: Some like them big, very big!


The big glossy green fruits of Green Spear.

CONSUMERS have their own preferences when it comes to ampalaya. Some like the small varieties while others like them big, the bigger the better.

Those who prefer the big fruits would be happy to know that the oldest seed company from Thailand, Chia Tai, has opened its branch in the Philippines and among the varieties it offers are ampalaya hybrids that produce big fruits.These are JADE EMPIRE, GREEN SPEAR and GREEN ARROW.

EARLY MATURING – Jade Empire is an early maturing plant that produces big fruits, weighing 300 to 400 grams each or even bigger. It has very good fruit setting characteristics. It has intermediate foliage cover.

ALL-SEASON HYBRID – Green Arrow, on the other hand, is a vigorous and strong hybrid that produces large and heavy fruits. It can be planted any time of the year being an all-season variety.

 GOOD FRUIT SETTING – Green Spear produces long and glossy green fruits with very good fruit setting ability. It is also highly tolerant to the “Barako” disease.

BASED IN TARLAC – The three ampalaya hybrids are now released for commercial production by Chia Tai Philippines Incorporated based in Tarlac City with Crisanto Alibuyog as country manager. Alibuyog is an experienced seedsman who headed the research department of one of the big seed companies in the Philippines.


Crisanto Alibuyog is the country manager of Chia Tai Philippines.
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