An Unusual Indigenous Tomato

Henk Pascha and a profusely
flowering indigenous tomato plant.

The Lanchang Experimental Farm of East-West Seed International in Chiang Mai Thailand collects indigenous germplasm from various parts of the world which it grows under greenhouse conditions.

  A high-tech laboratory of the company at the Simon Groot Research Station in Sansai, Chiang Mai, analyzes the characteristics of each plant material. It can detect its purity as well as if it has any disease infection.

In photo is Henk Pascha, senior plant breeder, posing with an indigenous tomato that grows very tall and is profusely blooming. They will use this as a source of desirable characteristics of future hybrids that they will develop.

The Lanchang Experimental Farm is developing pure lines that they can use as stud plants in their breeding program. 

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