ANGEL LIME: Something old but new to all of us!





WE HAVE GOT a new lime in our farm in Teresa, Rizal. While we have not verified its true variety, we will just call it Angel Lime for convenience in recall. Why Angel Lime? Because the scions we used for propagation came from Mr. Angel Galang of Davao City.

LONG TIME FRIEND – Galang is a long time friend and many years before, we saw his plantation of Angel Lime. The trees were very fruitful but at that time, there were no buyers of lime. He eventually phased out the trees, leaving only a couple in one corner of his field.

LATEST VISIT – When we visited him during the Kadayawan Festival in 2016, we inquired about his Angel Lime. We then went to check the two old trees. They were there all right but were neglected and overtaken by viny weeds. Anyway, we were able to bring home several scions which we used for propagation. We grafted the scions unto branches of a pomelo tree. Sure enough, the grafting was very successful.

FRUITING NOT ALLOWED – A few months later, the grafts produced some flowers but we did not allow them to develop into fruits. That’s because we harvested the scions for producing grafted seedlings. Now, one branch grafted unto the pomelo has produced two beautiful fruits.

CONTACT ROSE – We have a limited number of grafted Angel Lime seedlings but we are ready to release some to those interested. You may contact Rose at 0906-551-1791 and 0947-590-0398 (Smart)

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