WISE YOUNG GUY: Student who planted trees in 1991 harvests his timber worth mllions

In 1991, Sixto Comia planted 7,000 mahogany trees while he was student. By 2015, he was ready to harvest his trees, prompting him to put up a kiln drying facility and a sawmill.

WE met Sixto Comia of Cuenca, Batangas in the early 1990s. He was just a student then but he took to heart what the attendees of the Agri-Kapihan espoused starting in August 1986. In those early years, so many people were talking about a retirement plan by planting mahogany trees.

We took pictures of Sixto’s mahogany trees when they were one-year-old. In May 2015, he was ready to harvest his 7,000 mahogany trees that were planted in 1991. He told me that he was putting up a kiln drying facility and a saw-milling equipment. 

He was thrilled because he was about to realize his dream of preparing for his retirement early. He even invited me to the blessing of his saw-milling and kiln drying facilities in September 2015. The timber he harvested could be easliy worth millions of pesos.

Sixto Comia is one very good example of one who started his farm project while he was young, very young. Another challenge to today’s Millennials!

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