Ashitaba Seedlings Grow Fast With Plant Growth Accelerator!

Zac B. Sarian with Ashitaba seedlings in Benguet.
The Ashitaba seedlings are very robust thanks to Power Grower Combo.

GROWING ASHITABA seedlings was a very slow process for Marvin Chagyu of La Trinidad, Bengued. It used to take him four months for the seedlings to grow a few inches tall. But starting in early September 2014, he found a very fast way of accelerating the growth of his seedlings.

CONTRACT GROWER – Marvin is the contract grower of Adela Ang who is the pioneer in growing Ashitaba in the Philippines commercially. She is a cancer survivor who has decided to propagate Ashitaba commercially as her advocacy so she could help other people who canโ€™t afford expensive medicines. Ashitaba, by the way, is a well known medicinal plant produced in Japan, China and Taiwan for many human ailments that include diabetes, high blood pressure, high cholesterol and many others.

PLANTS MORE ROBUST – Marvinโ€™s Ashitaba seedlings are growing much faster and more robust as a result of his spraying the young plants with Power Grower Combo, the plant growth accelerator formulated by Alfonso G. Puyat. The formulation is sprayed on the leaves once a week at a dilution of four scoops or tablespoons per 16 gallon knapsack sprayer. The spraying enables the young plants to develop more roots that absorb the plant nutrients in the growing medium

WORKS IN OTHER CROPS AS WELL – Of course, the Power Grower Combo works also very well with the growing plants in the plantation. They develop shiny green leaves that are big.The balled semi-mature plants that were brought from Benguet to Adela Angโ€™s plantation in Tagaytay grew very fast.

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