Corn Borer Larvae As Human Food – Delicious, Nutritious, Clean

Would you believe that the larva of the Asian Corn Borer (ACB) is good to eat? Dr. Merdelyn Caasi-Lit, career scientist with the Institute of Plant Breeding in Los Baños, will tell you that the ACB larva is delicious, nutritious and very clean. She said she loves to eat the larva, especially the so-called ‘instar’ that is four days old. Of course, the larva has to be produced in the laboratory and not caught in the wild.

Dr. Lit is an expert in producing ACB larvae in the laboratory. After all, she has been undertaking research on alternate hosts of the Asian Corn Borer and laboratory mass-rearing of lepidopterous insects. She recently reported her findings at the national scientific convention of the Pest Management Council of the Philippines at the Mandarin Plaza Hotel in Cebu City, May 6-9 2014.

Here’s a business possibility. Why not mass-produce ACB instars in the laboratory for human food? This could be considered gourmet food for the adventurous consumer. It could be a special offering in a gourmet restaurant. Aside from ACB larva, the larvae of other lepidopterous insects (gamu-gamu) could also be mass-produced for the same purpose.


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